Children Of Agent Orange – Album No. Two

The US sprayed 80 million litres of poisonous chemicals during Operation Ranch-hand. There were many Agents used, including Pink, Green and White, but Agent Orange was used the most – 45 million litres sprayed over a 10th of Vietnam.

This is the results of Dioxin

Family of 3 Children all effected by Dioxin / Agent Orange

• the eldest son Mai Giang Vinh born in 1970年  died in1993年
• the second son Mai The Quang born in 1973年  died in 1996年
• the third son Mai The Huy born in 1975年 died in 2000年


3 Brothers: Mai Giang Vinh; Mai The Quang & Mai The Huy.


Mai Giang Vinh DOB: 1970.


Mai The Quang DOB: 1973; Mai The Huy DOB: 1975.


Mai The Huy DOB: 1975.


Mai Giang Vinh DOD: 1993; Mai The Quang DOD: 1996; Mai The Huy DOD: 2000.


Mai The Quang DOB: 1973; Mai The Huy DOB: 1975.


R.I.P: (3 Brothers): Mai Giang Vinh DOB: 1970 DOD: 1993; Mai The Quang DOB: 1973 DOD: 1996; Mai The Huy DOB: 1975 DOD: 2000.

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