Timeline: Agent Orange


Three Thousand Three Hundred & Sixty Eight (3368) Kiwi servicemen and women served in Vietnam War. The US sprayed millions of litres of defoliants, including Agent Orange.


: Reeves report ordered by National Government says Kiwi personnel were not in defoliated areas.

June 1999

: McLeod report ordered by Labour Government makes similar finding and says no evidence exposure to defoliants affected health of veterans’ children.

New evidence of exposure comes to light. Health select committee decides on an inquiry.

August 2001

: Chadwick Report of the health select committee identifies major flaws in both reports and says veterans were exposed to “toxic environment”.

October 2004

: Ex Vietnam Services Association and officials form Agent Orange Joint Working Group.

February 2005

: Prime Minister Helen Clark announces former State Services Commissioner Michael Wintringham will chair the group, which will consult veterans to find ways to finally resolve the issue.

July 11, 2005

Published: 2006, May, 3. | Time-stamp: 2:30 PM Wednesday |  Article Link: nzherald.co.nz | Article Title: Timeline: Agent Orange


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