2000.10.11 I.O.M Report: Veterans and Agent Orange: Herbicide/Dioxin Exposure and Type 2 Diabetes

Released: October 11, 2000

In 1999, in response to a request from the Department of Veterans Affairs, IOM called together a committee to conduct an interim review of the scientific evidence regarding one of the conditions addressed in the Veterans and Agent Orange series of reports: Type 2 diabetes.

The committee consisted of individuals responsible for the Update 1998 report plus recognized experts in the field of Type 2 diabetes.

They conducted two workshops to hear researchers in the field present information on their past and ongoing investigations, and reviewed material published since the deliberations of the Update 1998 committee.

While limited to one health outcome, this report adheres to the format of the update series directions from Congress via the Secretary of Veterans Affairs.

The committee conducted a review of the scientific evidence regarding the association, if any, between Type 2 diabetes and exposure to dioxin and other chemical compounds in herbicides used in Vietnam.

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