Copy Congressional Record: Agent Orange Components were considered by US Senate as Chemical Warfare Agents

Agent Orange Components were considered by US Senate as Chemical Warfare Agents

1969-08-11 Congressional Record (Agent Orange) C.B.W

An Associate Researcher has come up with a Congressional Record entry for August 11, 1969 containing a discussion between the US Senate and the President about Chemical and Biological Warfare Agents.

In the copy of that Congressional Record provided, this all begins in the third column on page one but it really takes off in column one on page two under the heading Chemical and Biological Warfare (C.B.W). The Senators were limiting the USA’s ability to finance, test, store and transport chemical and biological warfare agents without Congressional oversight.

At the top of the third column on page three, Senator Goodell addresses the President and says some things that are at first mundane but build to the astounding. Near the middle of the second column on page four, Senator Goodell presents a list of C.B.W agents used at various military installations here on US soil including the Deseret Test Center (the control center for the Project 112 tests ordered by JFK).

There follows a list by class; Nerve gasses, Incapacitating agents, Riot Control gasses, Harassing agents, Defoliants and herbicides (mentions 2,4-D and 2,4,5-T specifically as well as Cacodylic acid (Agent Blue) saying it contained arsenic) and Biological agents. Herbicide 2,4-D seems to be included in consideration with plague and is also listed in a class called “weed killing”.

Nonetheless, 2,4-D was a C.B.W Weapon, according to this.

There follows a table listing open-air testing of C.B.W weapons here in the US. Deseret and Dugway appear to be intimately connected. There is a discussion of C.B.W Agents “now in use in Vietnam.” This does not indicate testing, it indicates active military use. I would bet more than a few readers will be surprised at what C.B.W Agents were used in Vietnam.

The next section deals with who the USA provided C.B.W training to in 1969-70 and that included Canada, Saudi Arabia, Greece, Iran, the UK, Australia and France, among others.

Given this admission and the information contained in this document, The Blue Water Navy Vietnam Veterans Association calls for an immediate re-evaluation of the all disabling diseases that have been discussed as related to herbicides so that they can be reassessed as possibly being caused by other C.B.W Agents now known to have been used in Vietnam.

The deceit which has been promulgated on the Vietnam veterans regarding just what was in the environment to cause the various disabilities we now live with is despicable and absolutely unacceptable.

A Congressional Hearing needs to be called immediately to discuss long term effects of all these C.B.W Agents because we know for a fact that the US military had no control over the use of these agents. It cannot account for its use, storage and disposal of Agent Orange; how could it possibly account for its use of these other Agents?

Just what ELSE aren’t we being treated for?

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