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VA NEWS FLASH from Larry Scott at VA Watchdog dot Org -- 06-08-2007 #1

INSTITUTE OF MEDICINE REPORT CALLS FOR COMPLETE OVERHAUL OF VA DISABILITY RATING SYSTEM -- IOM report: "...the agency should make sure that the [proposed] revised Rating Schedule addresses the extent to which veterans' disabilities affect their quality of life and limit any aspect of their daily lives, not just their ability to work..." ORIGINAL SOURCE


The Institute of Medicine (IOM) has released their report on the VA disability rating system.


This report was done for the Veterans' Disability Benefits Commission (VDBC or Vets' Commission). 

VA Watchdog dot Org provides this Background on VDBC with backlinks here.

This report calls for a complete overhaul of the VA disability rating system.

The IOM feels disability should be rated not just on inability to work but for noneconomic losses as well.  From the report:  "Veterans who can and do work can be disabled in other aspects of their lives, such as their ability to maintain their family and other personal relationships or to engage in sports, hobbies, or other activities they formerly pursued."

This report is excellent news for veterans. 

Last month the IOM issued a report on how the VA handles post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) evaluations and ratings.  The report has highly-critical of the VA and, basically, told them to get it together and properly evaluate and rate veterans with PTSD.  That story here...


Portions of the report “A 21st Century System for Evaluating Veterans for Disability Benefits “are available for reading online EXCERPTS OF REPORT...  To purchase a copy of the full report go here

We have two pieces of information. 
First is the NAS press release about the report...second is a story from the AP.

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